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Handicapped Shower Seats and Tub Seats

In the arena of bathroom accessories, Verasable Designs is a trusted name that commits itself to provide products of superior quality. Among our diverse range of offerings, one of our prominent lines includes ADA-compliant shower and tub seats. These seats are designed to offer an added layer of comfort and safety to your bathing experience.

ADA Shower and Tub Seats by Verasable Designs

Our shower and tub seats, compliant with ADA guidelines, are designed to provide support and stability, turning the bathing process into a hassle-free experience. The meticulous design process and adherence to ADA guidelines ensure a high standard of safety and accessibility in our products.

Premium Design and Material

The hallmark of Verasable Designs is our commitment to top-tier quality and exceptional design.. Our shower and tub seats are crafted from materials like nylon top, phenolic top, stainless steel, and teak wood, which are resistant to water damage and mold. Additionally, our seats can support substantial weight, up to 250 lbs or more, making them suitable for various body types.

Diverse Range of ADA Shower and Tub Seats

Our product line at Verasable Designs features a diverse range of ADA-compliant shower and tub seats:

  • Wall-Mounted Seats: These seats, fixed to the shower wall, can be folded up when not in use, making them a smart choice for shared bathrooms. There are various designs for these types of seats with legs, or with wall support.

  • Transfer Benches: Our benches extend beyond the edge of the tub, allowing users to sit on the bench outside the tub and then slide over into the tub.

Benefits of Verasable Designs’ Seats

While our ADA shower and tub seats are primarily crafted to provide support and stability, they also offer a wealth of benefits to a broader audience. They are practical for the elderly, pregnant women, individuals recovering from surgery, or anyone looking for a safer, more relaxed bathing experience. They can significantly reduce the risk of accidents in the bathroom, providing users and their families with peace of mind.

Verasable Designs: Quality and Comfort

Choosing Verasable Designs' ADA-compliant shower and tub seats is an investment in enhanced safety and comfort. Our commitment to improving bathroom safety and functionality provides users with a more enjoyable and relaxed daily routine.

At Verasable Designs, we focus on enhancing your comfort with our innovative products. Make the smart decision today and embrace the promise of quality and comfort with Verasable Designs.

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